The Dehymeleon

Our efforts in creating cost effective natural drying solutions goes beyond the Dehytray. Our signature product will be the Dehymeleon, a multipurpose smart drying device that serves as both a solar dehydrator and a power generator, providing maximum value to customers.

The Dehymeleon is currently under development, and we expect it to be on the market in 2022.

About the Dehymeleon

We envisage the Dehymeleon will play a key role in meeting the energy demands of food processing and the energy needs of developing countries, remote country dwellers, recreational camps, and relief camps.

We are eager to bring this product to the market and to see the smiles it brings to smallholder farmers and their families.

Helping small growers and food processors be profitable is the heart of our business. Drying is energy intensive and expensive, and small agro-businesses are very vulnerable to high fuel prices. The age-old practice of open sun drying on wooden trays, tarps, and bare ground produces poor quality product that doesn’t meet high food standards, closing up lucrative markets around the world.

Like the Dehytray, the Dehymeleon offers a solution to these problems and provides value to growers, processors, and their customers.