Solar Powered Food Storage Dehydrator

The Dehytray is a solar food dehydrator for home gardeners and small and mid-size produce growers.

It safely dries and stores food for home use or value-added sales. FDA-approved.

It's perfect for drying:

Grains & Seeds  •  Granules & Pellets  •  Fruits  •  Vegetables  •  Herbs & Spices  •  Beans & Pulses  •  Medicinal Plants  •  Fish  •  Meat  •  Flowers & Ornamental Plants  •  Coffee beans

Simplicity in Innovation

»  The vents on the floor and side walls are engineered for maximum heat flow across the food product. They also allow moisture to vent out of the tray.

»  The trays are ergonomically designed for easy handling, transport, and storage. They nest for storage but can also be stacked for use inside a hot air dryer chamber.

»  The clear acrylic sheets are durable while allowing up to 92% light transmittance. They can be replaced with UV photo-selective protection sheets when color retention of the dried product is important.

Dehytray Material Specifications and Drying Capacities

Injection-molded from a polypropylene copolymer that meets FDA standards for food applications.

The non-absorbent material is easy to clean in accordance with U.S. Health Department food equipment sanitary requirements.

Solar drying tray is manufactured in USA