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Who We Are

JUA Technologies International LLC is currently a two-member for-profit limited liability company.

Our mission is to positively impact lives worldwide by improving food security and profitability in small grower agriculture. We aim to do this by reducing food loss and waste using technologies that harness renewable solar energy to dry fresh foods into high-quality, shelf-stable food products.

Our long-term goals include becoming a global leader in dehydrators powered by renewable energy, and to provide easy access to off-grid renewable power.

What We Do

Our technologies, a passive solar food-dehydrating tray (Deytray) and a combination solar-powered electric dehydrator and generator (Dehymeleon) are multi-functional dehydration devices that efficiently utilize free solar energy and provide sanitized drying environments for crops and foods.

The Dehytray is currently available for purchase, while our signature product, the Dehymeleon,  is still under R&D and is set to be launched in 2021.

Why Our Work Is Important

Crop post-harvest losses result in huge financial losses, estimated at over USD $20 billion annually worldwide. This is a major global food security issue, given that smallholder farmers are responsible for over 80% of the food production in Asia and Africa. It is critical that smallholder farmers reduce food loss and get food safely to market to resolve global food insecurity and hunger as the global population approaches 12 billion in in the next generation.

Equally important, about 1.2 billion people, over 80% of whom live in Africa and Asia, do not have electricity. This is a major limit to the productivity of citizens in these regions.

We aim to solve food security, farm profitability, and access to renewable electricity in developing and developed nations worldwide.

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Current Partners and Collaborators

partner logos: USDA, Elevate Ventures, Food Processing Laboratory, Purdue Foundry
Partner logos: USAID, Agcelerator