Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure food security with profitability in small grower agriculture by reducing food losses and wastage using innovative technologies that harness renewable energy to dry foods into high-quality shelf stable food products. Positively impacting lives is central to our mission at JUA Technologies International. Creating profitable agribusinesses will lift many families out of poverty, enable parents to send their children to school, provide nutritious foods to families and put women and youths to profitable work. For our developed country market focused at reducing food wastage and equipping small/mid-size farms for local food production, we value taking families back to our roots of organic agriculture and healthy living by seeking innovative and sustainable means of using renewable energy to dehydrate foods. We know small and mid-size farmers cannot afford to waste food not sold or incur losses from spoilage. Adding value by drying freshly harvested crops and/or drying fresh produce that is not sold contributes to our food security.  We believe in creating technologies today that would make urban farming not just productive, but profitable and sustainable. Lastly, our technologies are multipurpose devices, acting as a source of energy to power other off-grid applications.


Our Values

JUA Technologies will be guided for sustained growth by our mission to serve small and mid-size growers and processors as valuable customers.  Our products reflect the value we place on innovative designs that are both functionally creative and aesthetically appealing. Our social consciousness moves us to address two of the global challenges we face in the 21st century - the elimination of food insecurity and global hunger, and reduction of greenhouse gases through the use of renewable energy. These are values that address the pains and prosperity of small growers, the health of our planet, and a business strategy built on shared prosperity for all.