Our Story

JUA Technologies International LLC referred to as “JUA Technologies” or “JTI” is a for-profit limited liability company founded by Drs. Klein and Reiko Ileleji. JTI was incorporated in the state of Indiana, USA in 2016 and operates from Purdue Technology Park in West Lafayette, Indiana. Our mission is to ensure food security with profitability in small grower agriculture by reducing food losses and wastage using innovative technologies that harness renewable energy to dry foods into high-quality shelf stable food products. Small and mid-size farmers and processors are more prone to post-harvest losses from unsold fresh produce. Drying crops to produce high quality nutritious foods by using sustainable renewable energy would help solve food insecurity, reduce greenhouse gases and provide better income for small growers. This is a triple win for all - consumers, farmers and the environment.

At the heart of our business is addressing a pressing and long-standing pain of smallholder farmers (about 525 million) in developing countries who lack affordable drying technologies that result in huge physical and quality losses in crops that impact the health of citizens, especially children and women. Crop post-harvest losses result in huge financial losses estimated globally at over $20 USD billion annually. This is a major global food security issue given that smallholder farmers produce over 80% of the food in Asia and Africa, and therefore are important to solving global food insecurity and hunger. JTI recognizes these farmers as valuable customers who will not be able to reap the benefits of their hard labor unless they are able to produce high-quality food products that are profitable. Our long-term goal is to bring the benefits of globalization to these micro-, small- and mid-size farmers by enabling them to produce high-value crops and dried foods of high-quality standards for both local and global markets.

Additionally, we intend to be a global leader in developing innovative multipurpose solar powered dehydrators, which can be also used for off-grid electric power generation by rural and urban dwellers. Our solar power generators will deliver year-round value to our customers, serving to power a wide range of applications in both rural and urban households.  

At JUA Technologies, we understand our mission to provide technologies that will help sustainably feed and provide clean renewable energy to a growing population is important. We also recognize that we can only succeed through your partnership. Therefore, we warmly welcome you on-board to join us on our mission by being our customer and partner. Thank you!