Our Story

The Problem

At the heart of our business is addressing a long-standing pain of smallholder farmers in developing countries (of whom there are about 525 million worldwide). Most of these farmers lack affordable drying technologies, which results in huge quality and quantity losses in their crops. These post-harvest crop losses result in global estimated financial losses of over USD $20 billion annually.

The massive losses, in turn, impact the health of citizens, especially children and women, who are more likely to consume spoiled foods that are contaminated by aflatoxins (toxic compounds produced by certain molds that cause liver damage and cancer).

This is a major global food security issue, given that smallholder farmers produce over 80% of the food in Asia and Africa, and therefore are important to solving global food insecurity and hunger.

The Solution

JTI recognizes these farmers as valuable customers who will not be able to reap the benefits of their hard labor unless they are able to produce high-quality food products that are profitable. Our long-term goal is to bring the benefits of globalization to these micro-, small- and mid-size farmers by enabling them to produce high-value crops and dried foods of quality standards for both local and global markets.

Additionally, we intend to be a global leader in developing innovative multipurpose solar-powered dehydrators, which can also be used for off-grid electric power generation by rural and urban dwellers. Our solar power generators will deliver year-round value to our customers, serving to power a wide range of applications in both rural and urban households. 

Our History

The Dehytray was developed at Purdue University’s world-class Agricultural & Biological Engineering program. The research was funded partly by USAID and USDA.

Field tests on drying specialty (horticultural) crops and grains using the Dehytray have been carried out in the USA (Indiana, Georgia, and California), Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, South Africa, and Peru. The Dehytray has been shipped to customers on four continents since it became available on the market in December 2018.

JTI was incorporated in the state of Indiana, USA, in 2016 and operates from Purdue Technology Park in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Join Us on Our Mission

At JUA Technologies, we know our goals to develop technologies for sustainably feeding and providing clean energy to a growing population are important. We also recognize we can only succeed through your partnership. Therefore, we warmly welcome you on-board to join us on our mission by being our customer and partner. Thank you!