Our Values

Our Company Values

We are driven by innovation and creativity.

We are committed to reducing global hunger, food losses, and greenhouse gases through our multipurpose solar powered platforms. We are committed to shared prosperity through our business transactions.

We are committed to alleviating poverty and creating wealth for small growers and our investors. We value the positive impact on the environment and overall improvement in small farmers’ livelihoods that our technologies would bring.

Our Business Strategy

Our technology must work efficiently, create value for farmers, processors, and consumers, and positively impact the environment — this is our triple bottom line.

Our business strategy provides farmers the full package for success: awareness of our products’ usefulness through training, access through competitive pricing and financing, and availability of our products via distribution channels that reach small growers.

Our Customers

Today, about 85% of farmers globally — 525 million — farm an average of two hectares of land. These farmers produce over 80% of the food in Africa and Asia. Additionally, urban farming and local food production are growing industries in the U.S. and developed countries.

JTI recognizes both groups of growers as valuable customers and aims to help them unleash their potential through agribusiness, job creation for youths and women, and quality of life improvements.

Our Sustainability Goals

To reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels used in crop and food dehydration, to improve the health of smallholder farmers and their families through use of improved technologies, and to include low-cost, multipurpose, solar-powered generators as part of our solar dehydrators.

Our sustainability efforts also include incentivizing farmers to use clean renewable energy by exploring the use of carbon offset schemes to financially compensate them. This involves strategic partnerships to fulfill the social corporate responsibilities of other corporations and ensuring that our products do not pollute the environment.

Our Stewardship of Livelihoods

We believe those who toil to produce food should be able to do so with dignity while earning a good income. Our dehydration technologies are income-earning assets enabling farmers to produce high-quality dehydrated crops and products for a growing population.

Our goal is to enable smallholder farmers to progress from micro-production of raw materials to value-added small and medium enterprises engaged in agriculture as a business.

This is part of our shared prosperity value proposition: We can all win and lift each other up.