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Food Drying made easy using Dehytray Solar Food Drying Rack

Do you have a home garden producing wonderfully fresh tomatoes, peppers, greens, and herbs? A great way to enjoy the fruits of your labor is to sun-dry your produce using a solar food drying rack. Almost all your garden produce could be dehydrated to improve its shelf life, or just to create new and interesting flavors – think sun-dried tomatoes, dried herbs and even fruit leathers!

Sadly, it can be a pain to dry food by simply placing it in a sunny spot and hoping for the best. Dust and allergens could settle on your precious produce. Insects, birds and rodents may end up having their fill at your expense. Finally, it can take several days to get your food dehydrated and ready for consumption or storage. Worse, you don’t know for sure if your food is dehydrated enough for storage.

Food Drying can be used to make so many different things

Consider these problems solved with the DehytrayTM solar food drying rack designed by Dr. Klein Ileleji of Purdue University. This award-winning solar food dehydrator, reported on in the Smithsonian Magazine, has changed hundreds of lives in Kenya and across the world.  

Solar Food Drying Rack

How can you tell if the food drying is complete?


Food Dryer Hygrometer

The DehytrayTM solar food drying rack comes with a Hygrometer, an instrument that can measure the amount of water vapor in its surroundings. With this easy-to-use device, you no longer need to guess whether your foodstuff is dehydrated enough for storage.

Solar Food Drying can be used in many ways:


Food Dryer makes potato, tapioca and carrot chips

Make healthy dried snacks like potato chips, or get creative by trying tapioca, carrot or beet chips! All you need to do is slice up the ingredient of your choice, add seasoning and place the slices into the solar food drying rack. You get to choose exactly what goes into your chips: no more excessive sodium or preservatives! Then, place the rack in a sunny spot and let the Sun take care of the rest.


Food Dryer makes sun dried tomatos

You can dry fruits using the DehytrayTM solar food drying rack. Slice up some strawberries and dry them as per the instructions and use them to make your breakfast cereal or parfait that much more enjoyable. Feel free to experiment with different fruits like bananas, apples, apricots, pears and more!


food dryer makes flower arrangements

The solar food dryer can dry much more than fruits and vegetables, for example, you can make beautiful flower arrangements and ornamentation by drying flowers picked from your very own garden. This flower arrangement was made by one of our customers using the DehytrayTM food dryer.


food dryer makes dried herbs

Sun-drying is the traditional way to dry herbs. Use the DehytrayTM to make the process easier and faster! Prepare tea-blends, dried herbs, spice rubs and more using the Dehytray.


Food Drying is Improving Lives


food dryer contributes to food security

Our mission is to bring food security to millions of families by providing a sustainable drying solution. Every purchase helps us make the DehytrayTM more affordable to food insecure communities around the globe. 



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I am grateful for this invention. I am a nutrition research fellow with NMIMR, University of Ghana, Legon interetsted in this dehytray product for drying of local vegetables and fruits for food security in rural areas of Ghana. How can I get access to this product?

Godfred Egbi

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