Our Story

Dr. Klein and Dr. Reiko Ileleji of Purdue University founded JUA Technologies International in 2016 to make it possible for smallholder farms and households across the world to dry fresh foods into tasty, shelf-stable, and nutritious food products using solar energy.

The Dehytray doubles the outside temperature by trapping solar energy. The vents allow air to circulate and carry moisture away from the food material. The food you prepare will be protected from contamination from dust, allergens and pests.

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We are addressing the long-standing pain of smallholder farms who lose a large amount of their farm produce to spoilage, as they do not have access to affordable drying technology.

This is a major global food security issue, given that smallholder farms produce over 80% of the food in Asia and Africa. Their massive losses impact their health as they become more likely to consume spoiled food that is contaminated by aflatoxins, compounds that can cause liver damage and cancer.

The Dehytray was developed at Purdue University by Dr. Klein Ileleji and his team to make a real difference in the fight against food insecurity and nutritional insufficiency. We invite you to join us in our mission!