• Klein Ileleji

    Klein Ileleji, Ph.D., is co-founder and CEO/Chief Technology Officer of JUA Technologies, with over 20 years of experience in grain post-harvest technology.

    Klein is currently a Professor at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. At Purdue, his research interests are grain and crop post-harvest technology, solar food drying, powder technology, biomass feedstock systems engineering and renewable energy, especially solar power.

  • Prasanna Janakiraman

    Prasanna is a MBA student who loves the process of growing a business. His aim is to bring to bear a diverse skillset of digital marketing, product distribution and customer experience to grow JUA technologies to its full potential.

  • Heeju Kim

    Heeju Kim, MA works with JUA Technologies as a consultant on product design and development. She is a product designer at IDEO who is deeply interested in emerging technologies and social impact.

  • Andrea Morris, marketing consultant

    Andrea Morris

    Andrea Morris, MA focuses on sharing JTI products with the U.S. market via direct sales, educational materials, and social media, as well as developing the wholesale market in the U.S. She has been integral to improving the customer's experience with JUA's online presence.

  • Larry Loehr

    Larry is an advisor to JUA Technologies. He was formerly Director-Business Development of Advanced BioNutrition Corp, a science-based start-up company in Columbia, Maryland. Earlier in his career, Mr. Loehr was a distinguished 30-year employee of the DuPont Company. He served as Executive Vice President/President-Delivery Technologies of Advanced BioNutrition for four years.