This is how JUA Technologies benefits smallholder farms

This is how JUA Technologies benefits smallholder farms

The mission of JUA Technologies is to positively impact lives worldwide by improving food security and profitability in small grower agriculture.


We develop innovative technologies to harness renewable solar energy and dry fresh foods into high-quality, shelf-stable food products.


A Triple Win

We believe in developing technologies that will make urban farming productive, profitable, and sustainable.


Small and mid-size farmers, food processors, and home growers worldwide are prone to losses from unsold or unused fresh produce. Drying crops to supply high quality, nutritious foods by using sustainable renewable energy helps solve food insecurity, reduce greenhouse gases, and provide better income for small growers. This is a triple win for all: consumers, farmers, and the environment.


Lastly, we are developing technologies that serve multiple purposes, acting as a power source for other off-grid applications.


Our Markets

In our developing country markets, we know that establishing profitable agribusinesses will lift many families out of poverty, provide nutritious foods to families, enable parents to send their children to school, and put women and youths to profitable work.


In our developed country markets, we value taking families and farmers back to sustainable food production practices and healthy living by providing innovative methods to preserve foods. We are focused on reducing food waste for small- and mid-size farmers and home gardeners alike. For farmers, our products help increase farm profitability by providing additional value-added options for many crops. For home gardeners, we offer another option for food preservation, allowing for greater consumption of healthful foods and increased nutrition.

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